Now Trending in 2018: Fake Women Empowerment

Now Trending in 2018: Fake Women Empowerment

Along with the trend of tossing mental illness buzzwords around like toys (I’ll get to that in another post) comes women empowerment, the hot new trend of pretending like you give a shit about other women, only to be the antithesis of what you claim to be.

Let’s discuss.

I will admit, I didn’t know shit about women empowerment until about 2013 and up until 2009 I was mostly insecure and had the dirty little habit of putting some women down to make myself feel better. (I was young okay?) As I grew older and as a person, a lot of that changed. In the summer of 2013 my business took a gut punch and I decided to take a chance and go to NYC for a girl’s weekend, put together by an online women’s mag- The Indie Chicks. There were about 6 or 7 of us, from various places, with various interests, and from all different backgrounds. What I remember the most about that trip was that as we walked to wherever we were going, I would fall in step with someone and have an amazing conversation.

That weekend literally changed my life and put me on an entirely new path. After becoming a partner in the magazine, I felt like I had actual purpose. I became incredibly passionate about helping women empower themselves, and while those years as an Indie Chick were some of the hardest in my career, the positive impact I was making on women made it completely worth it.

Enter Rebellia, where I am now able to take my love of fitness and combine it with my passion for helping people, empowering women and spreading positivity across the land.

Praise be.

Of course over the last 5 years I have come across women who very clearly don’t give a shit about helping other women. I’ve also come across a few that use women empowerment as a part of their brand– only to find out that they don’t give a shit about genuinely helping women either. And now it seems like the cool, trendy thing to do. Start women’s groups, support women, rah rah rah!

Only I am coming across more and more of these (and I’ll be candid), bitches who preach women empowerment but who also:

  • Blatantly shit talk other women
  • Create communities that are cliquey as fuck
  • Attempt to drive business away from other women
  • Won’t help you
  • Turn away any woman that isn’t like them
  • Act like children rather than speaking directly to a woman they feel wronged by
  • Only care about your existence if you are admiring/worshipping/idolizing them
  • Make holier than thou posts on why people who don’t do things like them, aren’t as good as they are
  • Feel threatened when one of their followers becomes a leader
  • Don’t put their money where their mouth is or step up to the plate for another woman in need
  • Think it’s totally fine for women to tear each other to shreds because of political beliefs
  • Put other women down to feel better about themselves
  • Are jealous and insecure
  • And the list goes on


To be honest, I’m appalled at the current landscape of “women empowerment” these days because it’s a bunch of bullshit. The saddest thing about it is that it’s not made up of insecure 20-somethings who haven’t shed their mean girl skin yet. Oh no, we are talking about women in their 30s, 40s and up, taking bites out of each other. These women who should have grown out of the petty, who should be taking those girls under their wings, are instead blocking out the same sunshine they are simultaneously preaching is enough to go around.

What the fuck ladies?

You don’t get to have it both ways. You don’t get to be hailed as a champion of women while you bash us in the dark. You don’t get to make the rest of us who are doing the damn thing, look as catty and miserable as you are. I will not be lumped in with a bunch of bitches and I will fall on the fucking sword every time if it puts a stop to to your fakeness, lies and bullshit.

Choose your side. I’m declaring war.

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