What’s {Self} Love Got to Do With It?  ̵...

What’s {Self} Love Got to Do With It?  – Self-Love Sunday – v8

What’s {Self} Love Got to Do With It? 

It takes a lot for me to get worked up, but witnessing the tearing down or judging of a woman will get me every time. I firmly believe that your opinion is not someone’s business unless they ask you, and yet, people give out their unsolicited opinion constantly.

Their preference for how that person should look and act. Or what they would have done in that situation. They justify it by saying that the other person put themselves out there on the internet, so it’s fair game.

But it’s not.

Whether a person has 1 million followers or only 1, it doesn’t make them less human, and it doesn’t make your opinion any more valid.

Anyhow, the idea that was expressed was that enhancing your body/physical appearance in any way and self-love are mutually exclusive. Like they can not exist in the same space. Like you can’t get botox or lip injections and love yourself. Like you can’t get breast implants and love yourself.

Why? Because it’s not your natural state of being and that’s the only place it’s possible to truly love yourself? But like where is this line drawn? If you get a fake tan, lashes, dye your hair or wear makeup can you love yourself?

What about going to the gym? Why work on your body when you should just love it in its ‘natural state?’

Doesn’t this all sound a bit ridiculous? And WHO decided that you could put a measurement on another woman’s self-love????

(And let’s be clear there is a difference between enhancing yourself, lying that you did it naturally and then turning around and selling a program based on the enhancement setting unrealistic expectations for the people who don’t know better. THAT makes you a garbage person and has nothing to do with self-love.)

It’s a YOU Thing

Self-love is personal. It belongs to you and you alone. YOU know that when you are getting botox or your hair dyed or whatever, that it’s because it’s your preference or it makes you feel good. OR if you are desperately trying to be something else, or hoping that if you do all these things you will love yourself.

Like with fitness, you will NOT suddenly love yourself when you see a specific number on the scale if you haven’t been loving yourself all along.

And with relationships. Being in a relationship doesn’t make you less independent, but if you feel like you need a significant other in order to feel whole, that’s where the problem lies.

This is YOUR life and YOUR responsibility to make yourself feel whole and complete. Your physical appearance is how you express yourself and whatever you want to do with it is completely fine. It does not mean you love yourself any less.

And it doesn’t mean she does either.


Chrystal Rose

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