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Who I Don’t Want to Be – Self Love Sunday – v11

Who I Don’t Want to Be

In preparing for 2019, laying out my goals and deciding how I want to put myself out there, I’m finding it a lot easier to eliminate who I don’t want to be.

I don’t want to be a coach where I promise you’ll be wildly successful at the start of a free webinar that turns into a pitch for my course at this super low steal of a price but HURRY the price is going up in just 24hrs!!

I don’t really want to turn my nutrition coaching into a mega money making business. In fact I have decided to scale down my current client list and as much as I love being able to help people with their goals, I don’t think I’ll be taking on new clients in 2019, at least not at the start.

I don’t want to automate any of my offerings. This is something people tell me to do all the time. This is something I could have done a long time ago and honestly could be rolling in a shit ton of money right now if I had. There are a ton of systems out there that are proven and frankly I’m kind of dumb for not wanting to do it. But money is not a driver for me, I’d prefer it be a result of what is. Not saying I wouldn’t automate some stuff in the future, but it would have to make sense for me with the primary goal of being able to help as many people as possible.

So here I am, trying to carve my own path over the next year. Trying to think of how I can step into my purpose my way. Making sure I am intentional with everything I put on my plate. Trying to figure out how I can reach the most people, make the biggest impact while not compromising my values or selling my soul.

It frustrates me that I tend to always do things the hard way, especially when I see so many people skyrocket by me. But the easier way is generally filled with so much bullshit I don’t really want any part of it. Comparison doesn’t help anyone, you have to find what works for you.

What are your goals for 2019? How can I help you reach them?

Big hugs & bootie slaps,

Chrystal Rose

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