The Holidays – Self Love Sunday – v12

The Holidays – Self Love Sunday – v12

The Holidays

I used to love the holidays. I was the person who started my Christmas shopping in July. I took great joy in giving a gift that required remembering something someone had mentioned months before. I wrapped all of my presents in coordinating paper, ribbons and bows. And I kept trying to one up my gift to my mom from the year before, in hopes it would make her happy cry.

And honestly that shit just got exhausting.

The holiday season, especially Christmas became filled with obligation. It was riddled with walking on egg shells. With being furious at how other people act as though the world revolves around them. Of being asked for a list when I’d rather they get me something because they know me or get me nothing at all. Of people showing up late to a dinner I cooked. Of the constant debate of where I would spend the holiday and with whose family. I got tired of never giving the ‘right’ reaction when opening gifts from my mom.

So 4 years ago, I checked out. My boyfriend (now husband) and I took off to Belize and it was glorious. Not so much the trip itself, don’t get me wrong the resort was okay, the weather was tropical, the food was good and Jeff asked me to marry him the second we got to the island–but what was really great is that I felt so free from the holiday bullshit.

Since then I have somewhat resented being home for the holidays and I absolutely hate having to travel to a colder destination to visit with family.

With the year I had, I decided I needed a good dose of self-love, the holiday version and check out again. And I seriously don’t think I’ve been more excited for a trip.

Maybe you can’t get away for the holidays and maybe you don’t want to, and that’s okay. I am just going to ask you this, What will you do to take care of yourself?

It could mean simply saying no to a party you always go to but can’t stand attending or taking yourself to go see Christmas lights somewhere. Whatever it may be, make sure you have you at the top of your priority list this season.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays babes,

Chrystal Rose

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