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Long Term Goal Success – Self Love Sunday – v14

Long Term Goal Success

The new year is right around the corner and if you’re like me, you have goals and aspirations for 2019. As I looked at my list of things I want to accomplish, many of them are the sort of things that take a lot of consistency with very minimal results upfront, but worth it in the long haul. The kind of goals it’s SUPER easy to start out hardcore with Jan 1 and lose steam by mid-February.

So how in the world do you prepare for a marathon when you know the sprint gives you much more upfront gratification?

I’ll use fitness as an example, because one of my goals is just returning to the physical point where I feel best. While I don’t necessarily care about hitting a certain weight or set of measurements, I know that in order to track my progress, I will need to at least give myself a ballpark goal. This will not only give me an actual tangible metric to be accountable to, but will also keep me from getting obsessive. You can’t decide you want to see your legs or abs look a certain way when you A) have never even seen them look like whatever it is you’re envisioning B) or can’t trust that your brain is even being honest with you, because you will always want to tweak.

So how will I achieve my physique goals?

With a combination of Repeated Action + Distraction. look I KNOW what needs to be done. I have a coach who adjusts my numbers and I have training I follow. I just have to follow it. Every day, I need to take action.I have to be consistent in both of those things, hitting my numbers and hitting my training. Boom. That’s it.

And when the impatience sets in?

The biggest mistake people make is to scrap everything and try something else. Instead, you need to distract yourself with other, smaller goals. Get a pull-up, improve your 2k row time, add 5lbs to your squat. Adding small, achievable and tangible goals, one after the other will allow time to pass for your longer term goal–while you’re scooping up gratification for the shorter term one.

Another example:

Marathon: Writing a book
Repeated action: Write every weekday
Distraction: Write SLS every week and pitch guest articles every month
Gratification: Email replies, publication

Impatience is the enemy of consistency, but I promise if you are able to just take your mind off of it and allow time to pass while you tackle other things, you will absolutely slay your goals this year.

See you in 2019 babes,

Chrystal Rose

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