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Create a Habit, Crush a Habit – Self Love Sunday – v17

Create a Habit, Crush a Habit

Unfortunately, this is the time of the month where many fall off course for their resolutions and goals for the year. Life has set in, the challenges of balancing has taken a toll and many burn out because they simply tried to do too much too fast.

To be honest I have been sooooo guilty of this and it’s something I have to really check myself with on the regular. GREAT BIG CHANGES are so tempting but rarely stick. So this year I am trying something a bit different, and it’s working. 

Since the 2nd of January I have implemented “the Seinfeld method” into my life. I know right, like how the hell can Jerry Seinfeld help with your goals if it’s not about writing jokes??

I will tell you.

One of the reasons that Jerry Seinfeld was so successful is because he was able to consistently work towards his goal of creating great content for comedy, TV etc. No procrastination, no need to wait around for motivation– just consistent action. Jerry wrote every single day. He didn’t worry if one day he wrote garbage and that another he wrote gold, he just wrote. He got a big wall calendar and every day that he wrote he marked it with a big red X. His goal was simply not to break the chain.

So I decided to take this a step further. I decided using his ‘never break the chain’ philosophy, I would not only create a new habit for myself, but I would crush one that I felt was holding me back. While of course I have plenty of goals and plans for this year that I will no doubt implement– I decided that this strategy would help me to start ingraining better habits to support those goals and plans.

CREATE – My create a habit is waking up at 7:30am every day no matter what. (Yes, I know that’s not hard for a lot of you, but this insomniac weirdo needed to commit to waking up at a consistent time.) It doesn’t matter if I wake up and lie there with my eyes open or pop up like a Pop-Tart ready to go–The X gets marked. Waking up consistently will help with a consistent bedtime and give me more time in the morning to work, workout and/or hang with my pup/hubs before I head to HQ.

CRUSH – Do any of you have a game on your phone that just sucks you in? So much that you are like, ‘Wow I just spent 2 hours lying in bed next to my husband with the TV on and have been glued to this thing the whoooole time’?? Just me? I tell myself that my brain needs something mindless to do to decompress and maybe that’s true. But I also know that it often keeps me from being present. It gives me anxiety because there are other, more important things I am obviously procrastinating on. I decided I needed to crush the habit and after at least 30 days, I will have to set intentional time aside to play it because I enjoy it and it’s fun.

After 30 days (11 more from today) I plan to integrate another habit to create and another to crush. I will keep doing that every 30 days, continuing to implement new, good habits while crushing unproductive ones as I shift towards the best version of me I know that I’m capable of.

If you think this is a strategy you’d like to give a shot in your own life, I have created a worksheet for you to try it. Print it out, put it somewhere you will see it every day, decide on ONE habit you will create and ONE you will crush and then– don’t break the chain. Do this for at least 30 days before you add anything new.

Hugs and Go Get ‘Em butt slaps,

Chrystal Rose

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