Inspo-ration – Self-Love Sunday – v21

Inspo-ration – Self-Love Sunday – v21


As a young woman in business, I desperately wanted a mentor. The women I found to be inspiring were pretty few and far between. Most were terrifying (likely because in a male dominated industry, they felt they had to be) but I longed for a woman to take me under her wing, show me the ropes, call me out when I needed it and give me solid advice.

That never happened.

What did happen was I’d find women I admired. Mainly on the internet because that’s the world we live in. So these women would invite me into their world. Inspire me. Make me want to be like them. Preach women empowerment. Act like we were friends, then when they felt threatened by my rising up to do great things. They dropped me.

At first this upset me, but after awhile I realized that a lot of people are smoke & mirrors. They talk the talk incredibly well, but rarely walk it. As a result I stopped putting these women, and really anyone on a pedestal.

Through their pictures, posts and words they just kept telling me how great they were. Whether they actually say it or not, they’re saying- Be like me. See? Everyone likes me. I’m inspirational. Strive to be this person. I want to inspire you – which of course the majority of this kind of inspiration is to look at them in awe and wonder and then want to be like them. This is why they rise so fast. They are like visual heroin to the girl who wants more for herself and is looking for inspiration. We see little minions spawn out of this. Little watered down duplicates of the real thing, destined to only rise so far because they aren’t unique enough to do much.

Well eff that. Do I want to inspire you? YES. But I don’t want you to want to be like me. How boring. How simple. How unambitious. There already is one of me. The world does not need another, the world needs for you to step into yourgreatness, whatever that may be.

What I want for you to feel when you read my words, see my pics is and hear me speak is – “She makes me want to be more like ME.” I want you to feel less alone because of the similarities we share, and empowered af by our differences.

We are all so different and yet we spend so much time trying to fit in or be like someone else. We physically possess the biggest indicator that we should embrace our differences– our DNA. No one else has the exact same DNA as you– not even an identical twin. Also, the chances of someone having the same fingerprints as you, is 1 in 64 billion. There are 7 billion people on the planet, so what does that tell you?

We are all meant to be different. We should be embracing the hell out of that.

Hugs & Happy Sunday,
Chrystal Rose

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