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The No Excuses Life – Self Love Sunday – v19

The No Excuses Life

Before I dive into this week’s topic, I wanted to provide a little update on my first 30 days of Create/Crush a Habit. I’m pumped to say I was successful with both, and now when I return from Vegas next week I plan to create the new habit of making sure I take my vitamins & supplements daily, and crush the habit of letting screen time get in the way of QT with my hubs. Also, one of you tipped me off on an app called ‘Streaks’ which has helped with my daily habits as well as weekly ones etc. It’s $4.99 and will send you push notifications to remind you to keep your streak going. Definitely helpful to those of us that prefer digital to crossing off a physical calendar.


By now I hope you guys know that I am not about that extreme life. While balance tends to be a bit of an elusive unicorn that is more flowing than static– I will take chasing it any day over living in an extreme. Some people will accuse me of not being disciplined enough and claim I’d be further ahead in whatever realm if I were.

But, frankly I don’t give a fuck and I’ll tell you why.

Living in an extreme means that somewhere, something else in your life is suffering. Whether it be your relationships with people you love, the part of you that needs social connection, your mental well-being, your health– whatever. You also never learn what it’s like to function and live outside of that extreme. So if life kicks you in the mouth, or you decide you don’t want to do that anymore you will likely spiral/fall off into the complete opposite. Of course there are people that live in state of constant extreme and will shame others for not being as disciplined as them, but it’s simply not sustainable for most people. And you are not a failure because of that.

There are a zillion shades of gray and an extremist will only see black and white: “Are you doing it, or aren’t you? No excuses.”

Life is not static. Shit happens all the time that can throw you off your game. So if you’re an extremist, sure you can try and control all of that and follow a super strict routine, say no to every invite, not go anywhere blah blah blah, but the majority of us want to have our cake and actually eat the damn thing.

So how does one accomplish a difficult goal while still enjoying life?

Flexibility- There are times to put your head down and grind and there are times when you can let up on the gas a bit. How do you know which is which? Well life will tell you. It’s sort of like rotating burners. Extremists have one burner going on full blast all the time, but if you want flexibility you will need to learn to rotate your top priority at certain times. For me when things are calm and I’m chugging along, all my burners get rotated evenly throughout the day/week/month. When I’m launching something in my business, that burner will get a bit more attention than the others but I’m still paying attention to the others, just maybe not as much.

For example February has a good amount of travel for me. So I will have to focus on being sure that my work doesn’t suffer. However, I don’t want my training and nutrition to fall to shit so I am being super proactive and intentional. Planning food, making the effort to find the right options, letting an off plan meal happen now and then, scheduling my training when I know I can actually do it etc. I have a plan, I follow it. Come March I will have zero travel and can have a much more solid routine.

Then there’s the possibility that life comes along and knocks one of your pots off a burner. If you are an extremist this can rock your entire world, but if you actively practice flexibility you are much more equipped to handle it when life throws you a curve ball.

If you try to be perfect rather than flexible the chances of you feeling like you fucked up and subsequently jumping ship go way, way up.

Self-awareness- Are you actually making an excuse? Or is this a valid reason? Do you just not feel like working out? Or is it healthier to take a rest day and get back on it tomorrow? Are you actually unable to stick to it? Or is it just more difficult in this circumstance and you don’t feel like putting forth the effort?

Ultimately you are in control. You have to be accountable to yourself and you can accomplish anything you want with effort, not necessarily extremes.

Are you actively working to live flexibly or are you stuck in that extremist mindset? Let me know! Also, update me on how your create/crush is going– I’d love to hear it!

Hugs and love,
Chrystal Rose

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