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Stepping into Greatness – Self-Love Sunday – v22

Stepping into Greatness

You guys, gah, this week has been so cool. Some of you may know that I am working with Tucker Max’s company to publish my next book. Basically, I spent the last couple of days in Austin, TX grinding out my outline and planning the writing/editing/publishing process.

Day 1 was pretty tough. I struggled with how I would structure things and wasn’t even sure that I had anything to say. I ended up staying in the office 3 hours later than most everyone else and worked with one of the editors to squeeze ideas out of my head.

Day 2 I came in early feeling refreshed and ready. Knowing what I needed to do and knocked out a pretty solid outline. I felt way more clear on my message and Tucker gave me a speech on why what I’m writing is so important.

You guys, I have the same publisher as David Goggins, Ben Bergeron and Tiffany Haddish. ::Screams::

And I’m not telling you this to brag, I’m telling you because expectations/standards are really, really high and there is NO WAY this team will let me put anything out into the world that isn’t great.

What’s crazy is THIS email that I have been sending to you all, is the most consistent (and I hope impactful) writing I have done in years. So thank you, because I feel so much more prepared going into this process.

It just feels like the right time. The right time to just own who I am 100% and share my message.

I know that the next few months will be difficult because I will be ripping open some older wounds in order to make this the most impactful thing I’ve ever written.

My working title is I Won’t Tell You to Take a Bubble Bath and it will be designed to help women to stop chasing happiness outside of themselves, to stop caring more about how their body looks rather than how it feels and to help create so much self-love that they will be leaping into their greatness by the end of it.

I am stoked.

A whole BOOK dedicated to loving your damn self. What do you guys think??

Chrystal Rose

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