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Self-Love & Marriage – Self Love Sunday – v28

Self-Love & Marriage

I don’t like to share a ton about my marriage or my husband. I see a lot of people using their marriages to grow their followers and be this perfect looking “fit couple” and I don’t want that for us. It’s one of those things I like to keep private because it is the best thing in my life and I want to protect it.

So when I do share about it, it’s a very big deal to me.

Hubs and I don’t really fight. We argue at times sure, but rarely does it escalate past that and we work really hard to just see where the other is coming from.

One of our biggest points of friction though, is time. We both have insane schedules. He travels every weekend. Sometimes Fri-Sun and sometimes just Sat & Sun. I use this time to work on my business. Sometimes from the moment I wake up until 2am or so– I am working. Mon-Wed he goes into work to practice, work out, watch film etc. and I go into the office to be there for my team and work. He’s also in school so he has to take time for tests and assignments. Aside from all that he also has multiple hobbies and still finds time to do work around the house.

He always runs his hunting trips, shooting matches, golfing, friend workouts and all his extras by me with enough time to make other plans or to plan on working, even though I’m not always thrilled with it.

The point of friction is where I feel as though I have completely worked my schedule so that we can spend the absolute maximum time together–and then he will go and do yard work until 3pm on our only day off together.

I am salty as fuck about that. How dare he take time away from me??

But that’s not fair. The reality is that even though it feels like I work my entire life around his, he has even less time to just do the shit he wants or needs to do.

We are fiercely independent people. We have great, big, full lives outside of each other and one great, big, full life together. This current season of our lives is a difficult one because we are both in the height of our callings and it is only going to get crazier for us.

Part of loving yourself is adjusting your mindset so that you are no longer causing yourself pain. I’ve had to really sit with myself and instead of feeling like I am losing time with him, I have to shift my focus on the gratitude for the time we do have. I have to live in the present moment with him and enjoy it to the fullest.

What about you? Is there anything in your life that could benefit by you shifting your mindset? Reply and tell me about it, I’d love to hear it.

Self-love & hugs,

Chrystal Rose

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