More of that Stepping into Greatness – Self ...

More of that Stepping into Greatness – Self Love Sunday – v30

More of that Stepping into Greatness

Can you believe I have been writing this email and sharing my personal self-love journey with you all for 7.5 months now? Honestly, I’m shocked I’ve been able to be so consistent with it, but really it’s hard to imagine stopping now.

Last week I told you a bit about my Mexico trip and women’s conference. I had so much anxiety in Mexico and even though I LOVE the people I was with, in some respects I felt out of place. I was with awesome people doing awesome stuff, you’d think I’d be able to relax. I couldn’t. I genuinely felt like a weirdo.

Meanwhile in Phoenix I was surrounded by incredible women. Women who are doing far more than me, and women who might be a bit behind me. None of that mattered. It was such a wonderful feeling. The energy was amazing. EVERY woman smiled at each other. No mean girls, just women wanting to lift and rise each other up and I felt SO GOOD in the midst of it.

Being given the opportunity to speak at that Summit was something I fought hard for. I wanted to make sure that I showed up and nailed it. And I believe I did.

It was the first time I publicly described everything that has gone on recently with my mother, shared new discoveries I’ve made about my childhood and shared my strength to a room of others. I was terrified– and energized.

I had women coming up to me after and saying how moving my speech was. Some of them told me I sound like I speak all the time and if I don’t– I should. I had women hug me SO tightly and say that they could relate to so much I had said. I had women cry as they thanked me for sharing.

Y’all. If that’s not confirmation that I need to be sharing my message then I don’t know what is.

I still have that desire to fade a bit into the shadows and play small, not out of fear or anything. I think mainly because I am still unpacking a lot of this mentally/emotionally. But I have been given a lot to think about.

I think a big part of self-love is acknowledging all this. It would be pretty inhuman if I just powered through all of these goals and plans without questioning them or myself a bit. I want to do the right thing for myself and if the world wants/needs me, then I need to do the right thing for the world too. And that just feels very, very heavy.

My mind and my heart are unbelievably open right now. I’m here for it.

Thank you all for being here while I go through the times that I am steadfast as well as the times that I may waver.

Love you guys,
Chrystal Rose

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