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Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number – Self Love Sunday – v32

Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number

Well hello there, can you believe it’s already May!? With all the travel and then trying to get caught up from travel in April, I feel like I just skipped it.

Anyhow, May is special because we officially launched Rebellia to the world on May 1st, 2017. Saying we are 2 feels like a lie though, considering I got the idea in August of 2015 and began working on it immediately. I incorporated in Feb 2016, hired Cassie at the end of May 2016, and ran our Indiegogo campaign later that year too. So we are technically like 3 years & 9 months– but whatever, we count from the official launch.

Speaking of AGE there is something that has been deeply annoying me lately. I generally am not concerned with other people’s thoughts about me or am offended by much, but lately this one has been grinding on my soul.

I look younger than I am, and that’s cool, most women want that. Lately though, it’s been coming up in a negative light. Other women have brought up my being young in a way that I feel discredits me.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t think this is their actual intention. I think in some way they are backhanded complimenting me, but it comes off like they are sooooo much older and wiser and how could someone as young as I am possible know X, Y, or Z?

I have been in my field, kicking ass for 15 years. I have paid the hell out of my dues. I have owned multiple businesses. I just never thought at this point in my career, I would have to even remotely be confronted with the notion that I might have to prove myself.

I’m DONE proving myself to others because I have proved to myself what I am capable of. I hate that this is even coming up because it just feels rude and icky. Not to mention there is the possibility that I might be excluded from opportunities– not because of my actual age–but because of the perception of my age.

So I’ve really had to stop for a bit and accept that there are times when I will need to assertively correct someone on this and others times where I will just have to accept it and brush it off.

But you can bet your ass I won’t be allowing it to hold me back.

Bootie slaps and self-love vibes,
Chrystal Rose

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