Food is Fuel – Self Love Sunday – v31

Food is Fuel – Self Love Sunday – v31

Food is Fuel

I spent the last few weeks traveling. I knew beforehand there was no way I was going to stick to my macros during that time and I didn’t really care to. While I’ve traveled for work and such before and stuck to my plan, I knew that it would be a pain in the ass the first couple legs, and then for the final week in Italy – there was no way I’d EVER do that to myself. Because hellloooo, Italy.

I made a deal with myself that I would be mindful the first couple weeks and then I’d just enjoy myself while in Italy. I didn’t care about gaining weight, AT ALL. And so I got back this week and hopped right back on plan, because for me that yolo life is easy to drag on.

It got me to thinking about how at one point, a trip like this would have made me lose my mind. I would have told myself I was going to enjoy it, but ultimately would have been feeling guilty the entire time and when I returned heavier, I’d feel ashamed and mad at myself. I probably would have felt like I did too much “damage” to come back from and stayed off plan even longer.

That is no way to live.

How many times have we heard those words, “Food is Fuel” alongside any weightless or fitness journey we have embarked on? How many times have we used that phrase in order to brainwash ourselves to believe it– in hopes that we could stick to our plan?

Me personally? Thousands.

I used to berate myself for not being able to live and die by the Food is Fuel adage.

It is such a simple concept, why am I so weak?

It’s a lifestyle change. I would tell myself and then proceed to do nothing that was remotely close to my actual lifestyle and then wonder why I couldn’t stick to it.

Sure, food IS fuel. BUT also:

Food is social
Food is emotional
Food is love
Food is cultural
Food is experimental
Food is experiential
Food is comfort
Food is shameful
Food is expression
Food is numbing
Food is joy
And more

To deny any of that and to simply say, “Food is Fuel” is setting yourself up for failure. And setting up a shitty, shamey feeling for you or anyone you say it to.

So yeah, food is JUST fuel if you’re a fucking robot. But we are NOT robots.

My personal mission is to find balance in everything. No, not the unicorn of balance where somehow you look like you have your shit together all the time. More like, being a balanced person. Not letting any one area of my life take over and mow down any other area.

And so, my lifestyle is tracking macros and working out regularly, but I allow time for going off plan and slacking off when the occasion calls for it.

I work like a crazy person but I am learning to start picking up a book or to go do an activity that will bring me joy outside of work.

I am a dedicated wife but I find energy and solace in my alone time.

Food is not fuel.
Work isn’t life.
Relationships won’t make you whole.

Extremes appear neat and tidy but there is always something bubbling under the surface. Let life be full and messy, you’ll find it’s a lot happier that way.

Be kind to yourselves,
Chrystal Rose

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