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Girl, You’re Dropping the Ball – Self Love Sunday – v37

Girl, You’re Dropping the Ball

Last week I was chatting with a close girlfriend of mine, when she started to cry. She told me about how overwhelmed she was with everything she had going on and just felt like she was drowning. This is a chick who runs the hell out of her business, works her ass off in the gym and travels– so is already BUSY AF but she was now adding new things to her plate.

New, exciting and important things for her business. Girlfriend isn’t just REACHING for those goals, she is straight CHASING THEM DOWN.

But in that moment she was talking to me, she was miserable. And OH MY GOD could I relate.

Because while I already have a TON going on, I have begun to add things to my plate and have been dropping the ball left and right. It feels like I am underwater, desperately needing a breath, but someone has their foot on my head. It is uncomfortable and painful.

It’s no wonder why so many people run from growth, because this shit gets hard. It demands you keep showing up even when you are repeatedly getting kicked in the mouth. You are expanding and stretching into places you haven’t yet been so of course it won’t be a seamless transition. Yet for some reason we expect it to be.

For some reason instead of giving ourselves what we truly need during this time (the space to fuck up, grace when we do and positive reinforcement that we are on the right track)— We berate ourselves. We feel like a failure. We might even decide this shit is too hard and give up.

What the fuck is that shit? We are badass chicks, who are already pretty awesome, there’s no need for us to forget all that just because we are uncomfortable in the new space we’re occupying as we attempt to be even more awesome.

I heard someone say this last weekend, I repeated it to a client and I am going to repeat it to you:

Your 75% likely kicks the ass of someone else’s 100%

Really though, you feel like shit because you are juggling this new expansion of your life and pissed off you aren’t at 100% but girl, your 75% is still pretty fucking great. And you know what? Once you get through these growing pains you’ll be right back up to your 100%.

So what if you make a few mistakes, forget some shit and drop a ball here and there? You are ACTIVELY pursuing a better version of YOU. So maybe you deserve a bit of kindness and grace while you figure it out.

Love and 75% hugs,
Chrystal Rose

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