*No More Disclaimers – Self Love Sunday R...

*No More Disclaimers – Self Love Sunday – v35

*No More Disclaimers

This might sound like more of a rant this week, and there is a strong possibility I will have this posted on my personal IG later (if you see it, kindly like + comment so more than 7 people on the gram actually see it).

Let’s STOP with the disclaimers shall we? All the posts that start with: “The first thing I saw when I looked at this photo…”
“Fat roll, cellulite, stretch marks BLAH BLAH BLAH”

Like why are we all programmed to discredit ourselves immediately? Worried people will think that maybe we LIKE ourselves?? Gasp! Trying to do it before someone else can?? Who cares if they do?

STOP posting pics and feeling like you have to point out whatever you feel is your flaw. It’s not a fucking flaw it’s part of your body. So own it. If you want to change something about yourself that you don’t like– well then do the work or spend the money. If it’s something you can’t change, or is going to take some time, well then embrace it girl. I’ve had stretch marks on my thighs since I was a teen because who even knows why and I don’t give a crap about them. I have never looked at them as a flaw and have never felt the need to point it out to be ‘relatable.’ It’s dumb, like my legs grew faster than my skin could keep up with maybe, idk but OH WELL.

This new fake authentic world we live in has created so much more damage than help in my opinion. It’s not relatable for an ultra fit chick to post about her cellulite that you otherwise would never see. Like, let me go out of my way to show the world, “See?? I’m flawed too!!!!”

It’s almost insulting to me like, okay that is not even noticeable on a normal day but you are going to try and pretend you are the same as someone who actually has some that can be seen regularly?

Personally— fuck being relatable. Not if it means we all feel bad about something together. That’s dumb. I want you to feel good as shit about yourself, your body, your heart, the work you do and everything about what makes you YOU. Not like, hey girl I hate this about myself too let’s RELATE.

Fuck relating. Anyone out there following me I want you to feel self-love sprinkled on your soul like magical moon dust when you see my posts. I want you to be like well shit, she’s just a normal girl with a super shitty upbringing so if SHE can feel good about herself, I guess I can too. I want to RISE YOU UP so we feel good together, not come visit you in the base level land of feeling bad about anything, especially your bod.

I’m not here for that. Go follow Becky fitspo for that shit.

So please, next time you go to post a picture of yourself in the world of social media, do it with some damn ownership. True vulnerability and authenticity is putting yourself out there, scary or not and owning the shit out of it. Do it so young girls scrolling the gram don’t feel like they can’t celebrate themselves or have to point out some dumb non-flaw to fit in.

Most of all, do it for YOU.

Love you girls,
Chrystal Rose

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