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Purpose vs Passion

As I have been drowning in the things to bring me closer to my purpose, I started to think the other day about what I might be missing. I promised myself at the beginning of this year that I would be focusing on two things: Being intentional and doing things for myself/my personal brand.

Being intentional meant shutting down anything that would take me away from my focus. Traveling ‘just because’ and investing in anything that didn’t “feed the same beast.” This is actually very difficult for me because I am like a damn squirrel that gets excited about literally anything cool someone else is doing. I always say YES, and ask how I can help and get involved. Instead, I’ve had to find other ways to support people.

Focusing on the self meant becoming okay with putting myself at the forefront of my business. It meant investing in the domain that is my actual name and not a nickname. It meant stretching back into the spotlight and spaces I feel uncomfortable. Writing this email, writing my book, embarking on speaking and launching a podcast. ME projects.

I am somewhat successfully doing both of those things and I will tell you, it’s a grind.

But as I was driving along and singing at the top of my lungs to some song I love the other day, I started to think about all this stuff that has me happy, but also exhausted. I thought about how I know it is so, so worth it and will inevitably pay off. I realized this:

I am passionate about my purpose, but my purpose isn’t necessarily my passion.

Like– I LOVE business and I created Rebellia to solve a problem that I was passionate about and I love fueling and supporting other women and bringing my light into the world to help others. But that’s what it is, it’s for others.

Yes I get LIT UP when I help make others around me better in some way. When my girls post their pictures in our clothes or a friend calls me for biz advice or when I can help someone feel less alone.

But I am finding myself wanting something that’s just for me. The things that fill me up from the inside and has nothing to do with anyone else. I love to sing/dance/act/perform. I love to write poetry and fiction. I love to create pieces of art.

The funny part is that I know I have held back from doing those things because I simply don’t have the time to enjoy them.

Understand– It’s not that I can’t make the time to do them. It’s that I don’t have the time to enjoy them. There is a distinction.

So this is my new goal. I guess normal people call that a hobby huh?

Email me and tell me how you are doing. Love y’all,
Chrystal Rose

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