Hey guys! If you’re an OG then you’ve probably seen this site evolve from my very first blog where I wrote about dating/relationships to a couple different ‘professional-ish’ sort of placeholders and now I’ve decided to use it as a general thoughts writing spot, current project catch-all and personal news blog.

If you don’t already know me, or much about me; I started as a relationship blogger, became a marketing ninja, moved into a women’s empowerment writer and then fell in love with fitness, which prompted the launch of my blog Hey Little Rebel and my clothing store Rebellia.

I wanted this site to be a place where I can share myself, without having to put it in the typical “article” format. There are a lot of thoughts and feelings I have regularly, that I want to share– but don’t really feel like they fit on any of my platforms. So you can expect things to come from the angle of a busy entrepreneur, a world wanderluster, a wife to a professional athlete, a girl who adores fitness (and of course food), a woman learned to love herself, a person who battles mental issues and a human who finds it important to give back. I hope you find value in this little corner of the internetÂ đŸ’–