Business Help

Just getting started and need some guidance? Have an idea but no clue where to start? Already rolling but need some help? Chrystal specializes in helping first time business owners get started, creates dynamic ideas to grow your business and never leaves you without next steps.

Writing & Editing

Some people aren’t great with words, and that’s okay. Chrystal loves the written word and not only excels creatively, but editorially as well. She is available for both on-going projects and one time with quick turnaround times. Whether you need help writing engaging copy, proofreading, critiquing, editing or a complete overhaul, Chrystal can help.

Social Influence & Promotion

Chrystal has a moderately sized, yet concentrated and highly engaged following. While she will only promote products she loves and believes in, she is happy to share your product with her followers and fans if it meets her standards. She has both a heavily trafficked blog as well as active social media channels.